Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Seven Simple (and Free!) Ways to Increase Internet Traffic

Expanding your shop or website traffic doesn't need to cost a bundle - in fact, you can often improve with no budget at all, if you are willing to expend a little time and effort in the process.

  1. Start your own Blog.
  2. Create a Facebook Page.
  3. Enter the world of quick communication with Twitter
  4. Ask for a feature from a friend or a favourite blogger. 
  5. Wear/use your own creations and be proud to let people know where they can find the items on-line.  If you are a little shy about compliments and blowing your own horn, check out this post for tips.
  6. Conquer the concept of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to increase traffic to your site.  
  7. Experiment with free advertising on Project Wonderful.  It works on a bid system and many sites allow bids starting from $0. 

Go ahead - it is simpler than you think and will get better and better the more you share! What are your favourite tips for increasing your shop presence or online traffic? We'd love to hear your ideas and experiences.



  1. Thanks Laura for the article! I was in a cute little coffee shop on Friday, a woman commented on my bracelets. I almost just said thanks. Thankfully I told her I made them and even better I was loaded with my business cards. Turns out she had designed jewelry years ago and was very pleased to chat and go online to check out my things :)

  2. Love your blog...

    Comment about project wonderful - I find it confusing....you should do a post explaining how they work.

  3. Thanks Sari! :) You would be surprised how many people share that struggle with you - good for you for being brave.

    Creative Zone, that is a great suggestion - will do - stay tuned for something "Wonderful" soon!

    ~ Laura


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