Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Creative Growth: Making it in the Market

Do you have a common look and feel among your products?  What is unique about what you have to offer?    You will often hear the term unique selling point – this is the aspect of your creations, concept or business approach that holds you distinct from the rest of the creative pack.  It is a big world out there, and the internet makes it smaller.  Buying handmade is no longer limited to your local markets, you can now buy handmade globally from the cosy comfort of your own home.

Standing out in such a big market can seem impossible.  It is worth taking a little of your valuable time to figure out your market position. Put your objective hat on, sharpen your pencil, grab a piece of paper, and step into the customer’s shoes and think about your products and your shop. 

  • Write down the top three reasons why, as a customer, you would want to own the product(s).  
  • Write down the top three reasons why you would want to buy from the shop. 

Take a hard look at your lists, by yourself or with a trusted (and brutally honest) friend.  Are these really the strengths of your product?  Of your business model?  Do you have a market? Are these points strong enough to sell on?   If the answer is yes, then use these strengths to build your core business model.  If the answer is no, don’t lose heart – this simply means you need to adapt.  Go back through the process and reflect on what could be adjusted in your product or your sales model to increase customer appeal until you have a confident yes to build on.

What are your tips for new (and growing) creative businesses?  How is your own personal small business journey going?  We'd love to hear from you (good and bad) and grow together!

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  1. Such an important topic! Thanks for the great post and for including our wall pencil.

  2. Thanks - I hope it helps. I think we all get a little stuck, especially during start up or a concept make-over, between what we love and what might be marketable from time to time. ~L


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