Monday, May 30, 2011

Tech Talk for Non Techies - Blogtastic!

Welcome to our Tech Talk for Non Techies mini-series.  Some of the most frequent questions that I receive from friends (both real and virtual in the handmade community) are about websites, blogs, photo editing, HTML and all things "nerd".  To help you on your way to better blogs, flashier Facebook, wicked websites and all that jazz, Tech Talk for Non Techies is a little mini-series here at Creativity Unmasked with "tech talk" for regular people, just like me.  Requests for post topics are (as with everything here at Creativity Unmasked) always welcome.  Today, we tackle blogging.

Blog is a amalgamation of "web log", which is simply a type of website that maintains an ongoing journal of information, usually in reverse chronological order (newest posts first) - you are on one right now!  Blogs can cover any subject, big, small, personal or pure business, and are one of the best social media tools for indie businesses and artisans looking to create a web presence. Blogging is a highly accessible way to create your own communication website.  Platforms like Blogger (which is currently home to Creativity Unmasked) and Wordpress offer free blog hosting with an assortment of function and features in a neat and tidy little blog package.  If you can type and are connected to the internet, then you can blog on either of these sites with ease.  Making your blog "fancy" requires a little more skill, but that will come with time. So what are you waiting for?  Start blogging! :)

Common blogging terms: 
  • Archive - An archive is a folder or menu of older blog posts, typically by date.
  • Blogroll - A blogroll is a list of links to other related sites and blogs.
  • Comments -  Most blogs have allow readers to leave comments, creating interactivity  and connecting the author with the readers.
  • Feed - A feed is a software function that allows feedreaders to access a site automatically looking for new content and then reposts that content to another site or to email. Common feed types include RSS and Atom.
  • Pingback - Some blogs use "pingbacks" or "trackbacks" just like a comment to inform other bloggers whenever the blog is linked elsewhere on the internet.
  • Post - An individual article is called a post or a blog entry. 
  • Sidebar - The area on the side (or sides) of the main blog content, usually where widgets, blogrolls, buttons and archives are located. 
  • Tag -Tags are key content topics for a individual blog post.
  • Widget - Widgets are little applications that help to add functions and/or special content to a blog.

If you are blogging, let me know where you are posting so that our readers and I can visit. To make a live link in blogger's comments, simply use the format: <a href="URL">Title</a>  Even easier, cruise to the CU page on Facebook and share your link or simply tweet me a hello. :) I would love to hear about your creative exploits and visit your blog.


  1. Its good to have a reference to these techy words

  2. When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !


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