Sunday, January 9, 2011

Building Your Brand – Four Great Reasons to Self-Model

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Building Your Brand – Four Great Reasons to Self-Model

Whether it is a piece of gorgeous jewellery, a fluffy woolen scarf, the perfect purse, a fabulous floral flip or any number of great creations, wearing your own style is a great way to get noticed. We all imagine moments when a customer is wearing our creation, they receive a compliment, and they respond with “Thanks, its from (insert name of your business here) – you can find them on (insert name of your market/shop here).” Ahhh bliss! Why do many of us find it so hard to be as proud when it comes to showcasing our own work?  Here are some ideas:

  1. Not everything can be worn and not everything that can be worn will suit the creator, but if you can, build your own creations into your day-to-day wardrobe. Wearing your pieces will help to get your product out there and visible to potential customers.  If you are you not great at turning compliments into opportunities, you are not alone. stay tuned for my follow-on post on breaking the cycle of self-deprecation for a few possible approaches, and try to find one that works for you. 
  2. By wearing and using your creations, you will get to know your product from the customer’s perspective. How does that bracelet feel when you wear it? Is it secure? Well-fitted? Comfortable? Would you change something if you were making the same piece again in the future? Understanding your product as a user will help with the continuous improvement of your pieces and the refinement of your craft. 
  3. Do you struggle with listing descriptions? Think about how your creations make you feel when you are wearing them, how you wear them and where. Try to translate those thoughts into descriptive words and phrases. 
  4. Have a friend or family member get a few photos of you sporting your own creations (or use a trusty tripod). Use these photos on your profile, on your Facebook, on your blog... 

If your creations are not suited to self modelling, become a self-user. If you make cards, then be sure to use them when giving cards to others. If you make wreaths, put a gorgeous one on your own front door. You get the idea. Good luck!  How do you showcase your work?  Our readers (and I) would love to hear your suggestions!

Beads on Craft Table - Building Your Brand – Four Great Reasons to Self-Model


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